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*dusts off cobwebs*

I've had this space for a while now, and until today, I had no idea what to do with it. I had contemplated a food/cooking blog, and I still intend to use this space for that. Cooking-related blog posts are on hold until I upgrate to a better camera, but that's no reason this can't be a foodie blog RIGHT NOW.

I love food. I like to make it, look at it, eat it, talk about it. This is why I love restaurants. Think about it. A restaurant is a place solely dedicated to food...not just the consumption of food, but the celebration of it. Almost everything in a good restaurant is designed to make you think about food, whether it's the tablecloths or the place setting or the aromas wafting through the place.

I've been to a lot of restaurants, and I've decided that while I wait for my fancypants new camera, I may as well use this space to post restaurant reviews and ramblings. But, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm not exactly Zagat and not even close to being Dara Moskowitz (who is my idol, by the way...not just for being a foodie, but for being a foodie parent with a kid who won't eat anything). But hey, you never know how far you can go if you don't try. Or something like that. So here goes nothing...

I try to bring my lunch to the office, but one of the only advantages to working in downtown Minneapolis is a chance to sample the lunch menus at the local restaurants. This week, I tried Masa, which bills itself as the restaurant for "contemporary Mexican cuisine," whatever that means.

I was all prepared to be underwhelmed by the food, especially when I saw the decor (very warehouse/industrial, high on concept and low on ambience). But I figured it was just lunch, and someone else was paying, so why not? Also, the chips and salsa were so good, they pretty much made up for the decor. 

I wanted to try the tapas-style lunch menu (3 items! Only $10!!), but it had almost no vegetarian-friendly options, so I had to order from the menu. (I have to assign some fail points for this. It's Mexican it really so hard to make 1-3 dishes without meat?)

I ended up ordering the mango-and-jicama salad (really good) and the huevos rancheros sin bacon (alright). At this point, my disappointment over the food had overwhelmed any residual interest in the restaurant, but my lunch partner convinced me to get dessert, and I'm glad I did, because omg, it was awesome. I had the churros which came to the table still warm and all flaky-crispy on the outside, with sugar stuck to the ridgey bits. Plus, they were soft and cakey on the inside and came with thick Oaxacan chocolate for dipping. Just perfect.

The final verdict on Masa: skip the meal and head straight for dessert. You won't regret it.

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Date: 2009-10-07 05:02 am (UTC)
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Great idea! What a nice use of this blog, I love it. Good review, as well.

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