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In the process of archiving/mirroring here at Dreamwidth, I was reading through some of the messages in my Inbox. This announcement from February jumped right off the page at me:

This week, we are saddened to announce that we've lost a member of the Dreamwidth family. [personal profile] hippyjolteon passed away suddenly. We are made less by the loss

I didn't know Rowan very well, but she was on my friends list at LJ, and more importantly, she reviewed and edited my story for Help: Twelve Tales. It was only one project, but I learned so much from her. More than that, over the next few months, I learned she was not only a great writer and brilliant poet, but also very thoughtful and considerate. I knew she was struggling with some health issues, but to hear that she's gone is just...I have no words.

Hug your friends, and let them know you love them.
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Just wanted to give you all a heads up...

[ profile] the_ladytramp has an Etsy store now, where she sells handmade jewelry (pretty bracelets and necklaces).

Please do stop by and visit her store. Think of it as doing your part to stimulate the economy, while supporting entrepreneurism and the American way! :)
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Picspam to follow...maybe. ;)

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There's been a Metro accident in Washington DC (on the Red Line, near the DC-MD border).

One person is reported dead and apparently, they are treating this as a "mass casualty event."

Keep all the Metro commuters in your thoughts.
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Cut for size... )

And now for something a bit different. I saw [ profile] old_blueeyes doing this, and thought it looked like fun.

"Make up a title for a story I didn't write, and I will respond with details of those non-written stories. You may, if you like, include details, such as pairings or fandom or whatnot."

So ask away, and maybe I can kick my muses into gear and write you something. I do ask that you limit your requests to these fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Robin Hood.(I could probably write something from Firefly and Merlin too, if push comes to shove).

Also, a prompt of some sort (a word, a picture, song lyrics, whatever) would be great.

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